V-Prompt Foundation’s programs are aimed at youth development (10th grade and above) by providing training and guidance in choosing the correct career path based on interests and qualifications. Our goal is to help program participants become employable citizens with a deep sense of commitment to society.

We know that many children and youth throughout the world lack access to education. They are denied a choice and the chance to become self-sustaining adults able to achieve their potentials in the fields of science, technology, medicine and other disciplines throughout society. V-Prompt Foundation’s mission is to provide education to these individuals, and to aid them in finding jobs that will allow them to create a better future for themselves, their families, future generations and the global community.

One example of an expanding employment area is Information Technology. Because IT has become so embedded into every aspect of both our professional and social lives, learning about this field and developing communication skills is now more important than ever. These skills can enable workers to enter into many professional and vocational areas. However, skills alone will not ensure good future prospects or personal development without the simultaneous development of personal creativity.

Every graduate needs expert advice in choosing the right path in massively crowded career options. We are committed t to guiding the deserving in personal development, information management, awareness, goal-setting, decision making, goal implementation, career change and other areas of career counseling.

V-Prompt Foundation’s objective is to assure sustainable jobs for the unemployed youth by making them job ready through chosen courses. So far, 100% of the V-Prompt trained youth have been successfully placed in jobs.


Youth from across the country satisfying the following criteria are encouraged to apply:

* At least 18 years of age on the date of application.

* Must be Under Graduate/Graduate or Post Graduate.

The entire training at V-PROMPT is provided at no cost to deserving youth. Courses offered are:

1. Graphics and scanning

2. Data Entry

3. HTML/XML/e-pub Programming

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