Traffic Awareness Programs

The Safe Driving and Combat Aggressive Driving Campaigns are designed to motivate drivers to be more responsible. They provide safety messages to both drivers and passengers about risk assessment and positive decision making while on the road.

The Foundation conducts awareness training about such traffic safety issues as distracted drivers, aggressive driving, cell phone usage and speeding, thus helping people acqquire road sense while striving to make the city accident-free. These measures are aimed at reducing the risk of personal injuries and fatalities.

Tragically, most accidents occur due to carelessness. According to a report of the Ministry of Road Transport, pedestrians were the most common victims of road accidents and 41 per cent of deaths that occurred on the roads were people hit by vehicles while crossing or walking by the roadside. In addition, 12 per cent of deaths were cyclists hit by heavy vehicles. Similarly, 24 and 12 per cent of deaths involved motorcycles and cars, respectively. Moreover, there was one death on the road every six seconds, the majority of them students. Our programs help create traffic awareness for students, their immediate families and other relatives.

Traffic Statistics

* 1, 19, 860 people are killed each year in road accidents in India.

* Worldwide, the number of people killed in traffic accidents each year is estimated to be almost 1.2 million, while the number injured may be as high as 50 million.

*In India, more than 80,000 persons die in the traffic crashes annually, more than 1.2 million are injured seriously and some 300,000 are permanently disabled.

Reasons for accidents:

* Actions such as dangerous overtaking, lane cutting, jumping at traffic signals, speeding and erratic parking are all major causes of traffic accidents.

* Driver fatigue, drunken driving and drug usage are additional reasons for mishaps.

* Buses produce their own set of problems, from tire blowouts to lane congestion to a refusal to dim headlights toward oncoming traffic at night.

* Accidents are more prevalent in urban areas due to the prevalence of heavy congestion and driver impatience.

How to avoid accidents:

* Do not drive while tired.
* Do not drink alcohol, take drugs or drive while sick.
* Leave a space cushion between vehicles.
* Make a habit of using turn signals.
* Do not use a mobile device while driving.