Public Awareness Programs

V-Prompt Foundation’s Public Awareness Programs are dedicated to promoting the awareness of various initiatives among the general public. V-Prompt takes an active role in conducting awareness campaigns and seminars to educate the public on some of the current challenges affecting Society.

A key role of these awareness programs is to educate the general public about ways by which they can reduce the danger of some of the immediate risks facing them every day. We conduct Health Awareness and Education Programs such as Anti-Diabetes day, World AIDS day, World Health day, Anti-Tobacco day and programs on Dental Health Awareness and other related health topics because “Prevention is better than cure”.

Our Safe Driving Campaign and "Combat Aggressive Driving" program provide motivation to become better drivers and positive decision making while on the road. We also provide awareness among new voters and non-voters of the importance of exercising their right to vote. Healthy voting practices will create a strong democracy. In a democracy, a free and fair vote is the fundamental tool through which citizens can express their political preferences and developmental wishes.

Our awareness programs seek to promote medical and dental care, and also lead the fight against the current unjust practice of child labour.