Helping Old Age People

In recent years Senior Care has become a serious challenge. There are many senior citizens in our society who are lonely and desperate, and whose children neglect and ignore them. They are weak and helpless, and are counting their days with deep concerns and fears about the future.

V-Prompt Foundation is dedicated to taking care of such unfortunate people, providing them with modern day comforts such as shelter, food and clothing, and companionship during their remaining years. In addition we interact with seniors, responding to their emotional and physical challenges and providing moral support. We try to put a smile back on an aged face that has no one else to tend to them.

Old age is an unavoidable part of our life cycle and should be lived gracefully rather than grudgingly. V-Prompt Foundation aims to spread its roots to all the elderly who are ignored by their loved ones or who now have no motive left in life. We concern ourselves with bringing happiness back in to their lives.