Child Education

A primary reason for establishing the V-Prompt Foundation is to support the education of poor children. Children are the future of a nation. Every child deserves the chance to learn in order to be able to escape poverty.

Education forms an integral part in developing an individual's character. The project aims to provide a range of education and employment initiatives. The V-Prompt Foundation focuses on basic education for underprivileged children and youth. We implement and support quality education programs across primary, elementary, senior secondary and higher education levels.

Millions of Indian children under the age of 15 do not have ready access to education, and approximately 50% of them drop out before they complete their elementary education. Many parents with minimal incomes cannot afford to send their children to school. Going to work in the morning and using the same day’s salary to buy food for dinner these parents do not have the money to pay school fees and do not have the time or the knowledge to teach their children themselves.

The V-Prompt Foundation works toward developing inclusive and equitable education policies and practices, thereby ensuring a quality education for all children, regardless of gender, class, caste, ethnicity or religion. Educational programs conducted by the V-Prompt Foundation benefit poor children under difficult circumstances such as victims of child labour, children of the poorest parents, underprivileged and slum=dwelling children, and children inflicted with and affected by HIV/AIDS.