Blood Donation Camps

Blood donation is a noble act and a very important issue for our society. June 14th is observed as World Blood Donor’s day. V-Prompt conducts Blood Donation camps to make people aware of the importance of donating blood so that it is available wherever and whenever it is needed.

Our aim is to conduct blood donation awareness campaigns to encourage our country’s youth to donate blood so that lives may be saved, using creative slogans to motivate students. We also conduct annual training camps where blood donors meet to learn more about blood and its donation and to share their experiences with this program.

We are proud to organize blood donation camps and also to donate blood ourselves in the effort to save people’s lives. All people should be encouraged to donate blood willingly and voluntarily.


*On 14 June, countries worldwide celebrate World Blood Donor Day.

* The theme of the 2012 World Blood Donor Day campaign, “Every blood donor is a hero” focused on the idea that every one of us can become a hero by giving blood.

* More than 38,000 blood donations are needed every day.

* The gift of blood is the gift of life.

* June 14th is "World Blood Donors Day".

** On October 1st ‘National Blood Donation Day’ is celebrated in India.