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To build awareness of the Safe Driving Campaign and "Combat Aggressive Driving" to provide motivation to become better drivers and provide safety messages and keep drivers and their passengers thinking about risk assessment and positive decision making while on the road.

The Foundation began conducting awareness on traffic safety issues such as distracted driving, aggressive driving, cell phone usage & speeding, to help people acquire road sense and to make the city accident-free.

Road traffic safety refers to methods and measures for reducing the risk of a person using the road network being killed or seriously injured.

Traffic News
TRAFFIC Reports:

  • 1, 19, 860 people killed per year in road accidents in India.

  • Worldwide, the number of people killed in road traffic crashes each year is estimated at almost 1.2 million, while the number injured could be as high as 50 million.

  • In India, over 80,000 persons die in the traffic crashes annually, over 1.2 million are injured seriously and about 300000 disabled permanently.

Reasons for accidents:

  • The actions like dangerous overtaking, lane cutting, jumping of signals, erratic parking can be counted as major causes for the calamities on the roads.

  • Driver fatigue, drunken driving are some other reasons of the mishaps.

  • Buses are one more player. Many bus tyres get exploded, while most accidents occur because they do not use dim headlights.

  • Usually, accidents are prevalent in urban cities where "Speed" of the vehicles is uncontrollable and where each and every individual is in hurry.

How to avoid accidents:

  • Do not drive tired.

  • Don't drink alcohol, take drugs, or drive when you're sick.

  • Do drive in a space cushion.

  • Make a habit of using your turn signal.

  • Don’t talk on your mobile while driving.
Accidents, tragically, are not often due to ignorance, but are due to carelessness. According to a report of the ministry of road transport, pedestrians were the most common victims of road accidents and 41 per cent of deaths that occurred on the roads were of people hit by vehicles while crossing or walking by the side. Also, 12 per cent of deaths were of cyclists hit by heavy vehicles. Similarly, 24 and 12 per cent of deaths involved motorcycles and cars, respectively. Moreover, there was one death on the roads every six seconds and majority of them are the students. We raise traffic awareness between the students, their families and relatives because saving one's life is one of the biggest services to the humanity.
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